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Dia de los Muertos 2017 "I have to say, you all did an excellent job searching for and then finding the perfect guide, Patricio. His presence and wealth of information pulled all the experiences together. The historical and cultural context within which he presented information made the experiences richer, more meaningful, more comprensible. Your choice of excursions, also excellent, offered more than I had imagined a week long workshop could entail. It's hard for me to pinpoint, single out, a ...
Chiapas Dia de los Muertos Michael & Jennifer are the perfect couple to enjoy exploring cultures and photography. The Chiapas itinerary was summarized daily, questions answered, and photography opportunities and constraints discussed. In short, Chiapas wowed us. Exploring culture and photography in a dramatic green mountainous setting provided great photo opportunities and many memories. The Tenejapa coffee growing cooperative family and Magdalenas weaving cooperative family ...
Cathy M. – Dallas, TX
Cathy M. – Dallas, TX “Michael and Jennifer bring the “full package” to a photography workshop. You will come away with many honed skills and a boost in shooting confidence. It was so great to take full advantage of their vast experience with post production.”
Benny C. – Cozumel, Mexico
Benny C. – Cozumel, Mexico "I really enjoyed the workshop with Michael and Jennifer.  The atmosphere was relaxed, no pressure and they have a way of helping you understand what you don't.  I had a question about exposure that Michael answered in four words, which still serve me to this day and which I have been able to apply to much more than just the specific situation I was asking about.  Besides being very knowledgeable and professional, they are great folks and make you feel at home with them. ...
Teri B – Denver, CO
Teri B – Denver, CO “Not only did my photography improve, but the trip to Africa was amazing. Michael’s experience with the local people and Mango African Safari’s impeccable planning made the entire trip unforgettable.”

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Meet your travel and photography experts! Michael and Jennifer have a love for travel and a passion for photography that will make their travel photography tours and travel photography workshops an unforgettable experience.

“We specialize in tours and workshops in Latin America, since we have lived in Mexico for more than seven years. In the beginning we will specialize in Mexico and Guatemala photo and cultural tours.”

Jennifer went to high school in Europe (Germany and England) and has trekked part of the Inca Trail, learned to scuba dive in the Galapagos, and lists horseback riding in Mongolia and exploring Myanmar on her travel bucket list.

Michael has been to the North Pole (by air), trekked with camels and the Tuareg in the Sahara, has been scuba diving in Vietnam, spent three months trekking in Nepal (and met Sir Edmund Hillary), and traveled by bus across Uganda and Rwanda to visit mountain gorillas. While working on a National Geographic book in Lake Victoria, he stayed on an island that was a chimp sanctuary and babysat a chimp.

Together they have traveled by bus, car and train through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, where they explored the Uyuni Salt flats, slept in a family’s reed house on the floating reed islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca, and rode a boat into the misty falls at Iguazu where they learned that ziploc bags are not always the best solution for keeping a camera dry (note: it dried out and was working the next day). They have rented a car in Cuba, driving to the western tip to dive the reefs at Maria la Gorda, visited a tobacco farm in Viñales, and shot photos of friends waltzing across the floor of the empty grand ballroom at the Gran Teatro de Habana.

Explore the travel photo tours on this site, especially the next Mexico photo tour and Mexico photo workshop which will take place in Chiapas.