Meet your travel and photography experts for photo tours in Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba (currently not offered)!  Michael and Jennifer’s love for travel and their philosophy of low-impact cultural travel will make their tours unique.

Jennifer went to high school in Europe (Germany and England) and has trekked part of the Inca Trail, learned to scuba dive in the Galapagos, and lists horseback riding in Mongolia and exploring Myanmar on her travel bucket list. She has seen the pyramids in Egypt and in Mexico, she has traveled solo up the Amazon in Peru, was face-to-face with a mountain lion while camping in Montana, and while traveling alone in India worked as an “extra” in a Bollywood film.

Michael has been to the North Pole (by air), trekked with the Tuareg’s camel caravans in the Sahara, has been scuba diving in Vietnam, spent three months trekking in Nepal (and met Sir Edmund Hillary), and traveled by bus across Uganda and Rwanda to visit mountain gorillas. While working on a National Geographic book in Lake Victoria, he stayed on an island that was a chimp sanctuary and babysat a chimp. Since Christmas isn’t that big of an holiday in India, he spent two hours alone at the Taj Mahal one Christmas morning. One of his favorite wild and unusual snacks is live termites, captured at night on the Serengeti. He wants to go diving in the Galapagos and to join Jennifer for Myanmar exploration (but wants to avoid horses in Mongolia).

Together they have traveled by bus, car and train through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, where they explored the Uyuni Salt flats, slept in a family’s reed house on the floating reed islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca, and rode a boat into the misty falls at Iguazu where they learned that ziploc bags are not always the best solution for keeping a camera dry (note: it dried out and was working the next day). They have rented a car in Cuba, where they traveled to the western tip of this beautiful island to dive the reefs at Maria la Gorda, then visited a tobacco farmer in Viñales, and shot photos of friends waltzing across the floor of the empty grand ballroom at the Gran Teatro de Habana.

“If you love watching travels with Anthony Bourdain, you’ll love traveling with us, because eating well is very important to us.” – Jennifer

“Our cameras have been our invitation into the homes and lives of people around the world. We can’t wait to share that experience with you.” – Michael

In 2010 they moved to the Caribbean island of Cozumel, Mexico, got married, and started working together as M&J Photography, shooting assignments for magazines, resorts and eventually concentrating on destination weddings.

Together they are a teaching team that gives students the tools and the freedom to explore their interests, to create their own vision, and to elevate their photo skills.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We have the highest regard for all cultures and their customs. We do not believe in photographing people without their knowledge or consent. Our trips will emphasize treating people with respect and we will make every effort to make photographs of them because they are interesting, not because they are different. Our goal is to take you places where you can make a connection with local people, so your photographs show that connection.

We feel very strongly about giving back to the communities that we visit. In all of our trips, we’ll select a local organization that is working to improve the lives of men, women and children through better education and  better access to health care. A portion of your fee will go towards supporting the local communities that we visit.


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