Best Cuba Photo Tour

Of all of the countries in the world where we have visited, Cuba stands out as one of the most memorable. So, we are going to offer the best Cuba Photo Tour possible.

We have visited twice, enjoyed the sites and sounds of Havana and see a bit of the countryside on the largest island in the Caribbean. Among our favorite spots are Cienfuegos and Viñales.

Everyone knows about Havana, with the restored buildings and the crumbling buildings and, of course, American cars from the 50s everywhere you look. While the street scenes are always vibrant and engaging. Don’t forget to peek inside some of the classic old mansions, theaters and hotels. Some of our favorites include the Gran Teatro de la Habana, the Hotel Nacional and nearly every street:

Havana's Hotel Nacional

Old Havana residence

Streets of old Hanava

Old Havana and vintage cars

After our Cuba Photo Tour leaves Havana, we’ll head west to the province of Pinar del Rio, known for the tall limestone formations known as mogotes and for tobacco for the famous Cuban cigars. After the hustle of Havana, the town of Viñales will be a peaceful contrast. The countryside boasts beautiful scenery and tobacco drying shades that have been in use for decades. We loved the warm welcome we received here. You might even get to buy some cigars from the man who grew the tobacco and rolled the cigars.

Cuba tobacco farmer

Mogotes of Viñales

viñales tobacco shed

On one visit, we continued on west to the coast for diving among Cuba’s unspoiled coral reefs. Unfortunately, that is not on the agenda for this trip. Maybe another time?

We will head back east to Cienfuegos and Trinidad, with possible stops at the Bay of Pigs and some backroads travel through the farming country. It’s a popular area for sugar cane and rice. We’ll definitely visit the area where sugar was king and made the fortunes for many fortunate enough to own the mills or the fields. Some of the old mills near Trinidad are now abandoned. We were certainly surprised to find the asphalt highway being used as a rice-drying surface. But Cubans are nothing if not resourceful.

We are looking forward to visiting Trinidad, one of the most popular colonial towns, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of course, for Cuba photography tours and workshops.

Cuba's Photo tours
Rice drying in the road, Cienfuegos Province, Cuba
Cienfuegos hotel

Cuba photo tour

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